Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposal Repair in Haltom City TX

Badger 5 garbage disposal installed by a plumberi n Haltom CityYou may take your garbage disposal for granted, but think about how much easier it is to clean the kitchen without having to scrape all of the food scraps into the trash can. If it breaks you may find yourself facing further problems such as a blocked sink or a leaking pipe. Dishwashers usually drain into the kitchen sink, so if your garbage disposal is blocked you may not be able to run the dishwasher either.

How To Keep Your Garbage Disposal Working Longer

  • Opt for professional installation to ensure that the dishwasher and waste pipes are hooked up properly
  • Always run water during operation as this helps food to flow down the pipe
  • Avoid putting bones, fruit stones, large chunks of meat, or thick fruit and vegetable skins (like banana or avocado) down the drain
  • Don't overwork the disposal - put small amounts of food down at a time
  • Don't put non-food items down the disposal
  • Avoid putting large quantities of fat down the sink - you can collect used cooking oil in a glass jar and dispose of it in the trash

Our Haltom City TX Plumbing Team Can Unclog your Disposal Today!

Insinkerator garbage disposals repaired in Haltom CityIf your garbage disposal is broken it may be simply blocked, or you may need a new motor or flywheel, or a replacement waste pipe connection. Our team of Haltom City plumbing contractors is always on call to help with any plumbing issues. We can repair or install any brand of garbage disposal in residential or commercial kitchens and we guarantee quality workmanship.
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